No Peanuts, No Tree Nuts. Delicious & Safe!


Our Story

When our son was first diagnosed with a peanut and tree nut allergy, we couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find baked goods that were safe for him to eat. We found ourselves always having to bake a separate cake or cupcakes anytime we went to a birthday party because we weren’t sure if the baked goods contained safe ingredients or came from a facility that was truly nut free. That’s when we decided it was time for Nutphree’s.

Allergy Statement

Nutphree’s has implemented a code of standards to ensure that our facility remains a nut free environment at all times. We do not allow nuts into the facility at anytime and have allergen free statements from our ingredient vendors to ensure our kitchen remains a nut free environment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or concerns.

Nutphree’s loves the fact that we can provide nut free baked goods and we package each order in a manner to reduce the risk of cross contamination once the order leaves our care. Please note that we strive to ensure the safety of our products but will not be responsible for any and all acts, illnesses or harm that may be directly or indirectly caused by cross contamination or alteration of any of our products once they leave our facility or have been delivered to the point of destination by Nutphree’s. Once our products leave our care, Nutphree’s disclaims all liability for any cross contamination or alteration of a Nutphree’s product that may directly or incidentally come in contact with any peanut or tree nut products, and/or other products or services that may contain or may have had contact to peanuts and/or tree nuts. We ask that our customers handle each order with care and caution to reduce the risk of cross contamination outside our facility so that you can share a delicious nut free product with your family and friends.


Please indicate how you are nut free, where your ingredients come from, etc.

Please see our Allergy Statement on this page. As for the ingredients we use, we have done extensive research in finding manufacturers that provide nut free products. This includes everything from our flours to our sprinkles. We also make sure that we continue to stay up-to-date with these products, as some manufacturers tend to change their policies.

Do you do any periodic testing to make sure that your end product is nut-free?

Each and every time we order our baking supplies, we make sure that the products are still coming from a safe manufacturer.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Do you offer shipping to other states?

Yes! We now ship our cookies across the country. Please visit our Online Shop to learn more.

Can I drop-off cupcake toppers for you to add to my order?

We don’t mind adding your special touch to our cupcakes however, we do ask that any cupcakes toppers be non-perishable since we cannot be responsible for items that were not produced in our kitchen and hence will not be able to guarantee that the toppers are free of peanut and tree nut allergens. Please contact us to discuss further.